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Why should you stay at Sapa Eco Bungalows ?

If you stay in Sapa Eco Bungalows, for sure you will enjoy fabulous moments among the beautiful mountains of Vietnam.  The simple lifestyle over there, avoid any discomfort from a massive tourist area.  

You will enjoy many wonderful panoramas, all you could seek for a rejuvenating and detoxing break on your trip. You will not get bored as many activities are available around, according to your preferences in the moment.

We understand that communication is key; this is why a long time before your arrival, during your stay, and after your departure, you may rest assure of our entire availability to answer any question.  

Last but not least, our devoted staff will gladly share with you about themselves in their daily life and others traditions of their original ethnicity and others around.


You simply need to go out and explore by yourself the rice terraces and paths around. This is the best way to meet locals, like the H’Mong. There are so many ethnicities that live in the North-Western mountains.

For a few-hours to even several days, you can totally adapt your treks duration. It is the best way to get to some really remote areas. Your travel has a lot more intimist atmosphere with all this captivating and natural energy around.

Traditional markets are important in the Vietnamese daily life. You get to try tasty local food, but also observe interactions between ethnic minorities at these times of the day. No need to plan for that, just get informed at the reception about markets times and places.

Among the beautiful sites around the Muong Hoa valley, you should take some time at the Silver waterfall. All the united little cascades make this site even more impressive, with all the lush plants and the mountains in the background. Nature in Vietnam soothes with this easy-going atmosphere and do not miss a chance to remind to Humanity its powerfulness through all these magnificent landscapes.  

Otherwise, if you enjoy to stay in Sapa Eco Bungalows, it would be a pleasure to share with you some traditional recipes. Indeed, we can teach you in private cooking classes to master well-known Vietnamese dishes.