Ta Van valley

18 Apr

Ta Van valley

There are so many little places to visit in Sapa. We advise you to pick a few of them to be able to enjoy them to the fullest. And Ta Van’s village is among one of these places that you shouldn’t miss while traveling.

Ta Van’s village location

Ta Van is 8 kms away from Sa Pa. It is located in the Lao Cai province.

Ta Van’s village access

There is a main way. But the road itself isn’t in a good condition. This why you need to organize your transportation to access Ta Van. The most comfortable option is a private car or four-wheel drive. You then have time to enjoy the various landscapes and traditional houses nested on the hills. The drive is about half an hour from Sapa center. But this is just approximative, depending on how many times you want to stop and just take in the atmosphere or pictures of these beautiful sceneries.

Your drive will eventually lead you around the tortuous mountains’ paths of the Muong Hoa valley. You then will be able to begin your walk towards Ta Van’s village departing from the marked path of Hoang Lien Son mountain.

During your walk, you will surely see the hanging-bridge that joins the two riverbanks crossed by the Hoa river.

Giay minority

It is the 23rd ethnic minority among the officially 54 registered ones across Vietnam. It is a subbranch from the Thai-Tay ethnic minority. They come from the population that migrated from South China towards Northern Vietnam. For a very long time, the Giay people have kept on their traditions. For instance, the weddings had several steps and complicated ones. Many weddings were arranged ones, to keep the blood community. But nowadays, people mindsets have changed. There are now mix weddings and a lot less hassle to get married.

The daily life in Ta Van

The closeness between Tay, Thai and Nung people make some of these local traditions an appropriation towards the whole area. Therefore, there is a real intercultural exchange and that makes some areas even more well-known.  This why, in the Northern Vietnam, main local celebrations have story-telling, quotes reading or musical representations and dances.

Accommodations in Ta Van

Homestays and hosts are totally available for travelers. But the most appreciated formulas in Ta Van remain nights spend in traditional villages, in bungalows or high-comfort and eco-friendly places. It is a real opportunity to spend one-on-one time with locals, by experiencing their true daily life. You have a direct contact and sometimes you even help them. It is also a great way to taste local food; and trust us the simpler the tastier! You then will be able to try delicious dishes like: grilled fish from Muong Hoa river, horse meat, Bach ha pork or the five-colors sticky rice from Van Ban and so many others.  

Afterwards, you will become an expert regarding the Vietnamese food in restaurants back in your hometown!

By the end of this reading, you may have understood that Ta Van’s valley will please each of your wishes for magical moments in the middle of the North-Western mountains in Vietnam. Any traveler usually leaves enchanted by the kindness and the simple lifestyle of local people in remote areas of the mountains.

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