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Common Bungalow

Max2 Guests
Common RoomYes
Start From$67.00 / Room
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Single Bungalow

Max3 Guests
Common RoomYes
Start From$98.00 / Room
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Family Bungalows

Max5 Guests
Common RoomYes
Start From$98.00 / Room
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  • Breakfast: You have two options

                – local breakfast: Pho soup + Vietnamese coffee + freshly squeezed juice (seasonal fruits)

                – Western breakfast: hot beverage (tea or Vietnamese coffee) + bread toasts with butter and home-made jams and/or pancakes + freshly squeezed juice (seasonal fruits)

  • Lunch and dinner: One menu for lunch and another one for dinner. Fixed prices.

                                   A la carte menu (or on personal request). Variable prices.

The general menu gives you a wide range of local food. Fruits, vegetables and aromatics are farmed within Sapa Eco Bungalow garden. For others ingredients, we assure you that they are being provided by close locals, within a maximum 10 kms area around. We then guarantee you a local and high-quality cuisine. The menu gets renewed often as it goes along each seasons’ fruits and vegetables.

You will then savor typical food, a true reflection of the various ethnicities in the Northern mountains of Vietnam. Eventually, you get emotional when eating as you are truly aware of all the process that came behind producing what is on your plate. In such a peaceful scenery, these moments will be unforgettable.

Wellness pricelist

In the heart of the Muong Hoa valley, we want our guests to really relax. After long walks into the nearby natural and cultural wonders, you will surely enjoy a relaxing break in our Wellness facilities. According to your needs, we are able to advise you on some rituals or massages to relieve any remaining tensions or for your own pleasure. When the temperatures are low during the cold season, you will find comfort in dipping yourself into a hot bath with medicinal herbs.

Dao ritual bath (medicinal plants bath) 45 minutes: 300 000 dongs/person

Foot massage 60 minutes: 527 000 dongs or 20€/person

Full body massage 90 minutes: 920 000 dongs or 35€/person

Common areas

  • Reception hall

We choose to only put one TV at the reception hall, and not a single one in the bungalows. Indeed, we wish for our guests to fully enjoy their stay among us with the nature around; and above all restricting the exposure to sight and sound pollution from their daily technologies. Then, they are able to fully embrace the present moment.

However, we did put Wifi in every bungalow. It is then one’s only will and choice to turn on or off their electronic devices if necessary. We did take into account the logistic side of any traveler.

  • Swimming pool

When temperatures go high, there is not a better thing than a good dive into a fresh water. Sapa Eco Bungalows gives their guests the opportunity to do so, in the middle of a unique environment. Adults and children will enjoy these downtime moments at our swimming pool.

Sapa Eco bungalows team: 5 full-time and on-site people

A permanent care but discreet one:  our beloved staff. Each staff member comes from the Muong Hoa valley. They will ensure, with all their natural generosity and expertise that your stay will be perfect. You will also be able to discuss and get to know one another as most of them master multiple languages; English included.

For the general safety, a guardian is there 24h/24. Our staff also includes 2 people in charge of the house-keeping and general cleaning of common premises at Sapa Eco Bungalows.

A general supervisor is there to make sure everything goes smoothly. You may introduce yourself directly to that person if you need anything.

Eventually, our chef will make your mouth drool with pleasure by cooking exquisite local cuisine: a very humble and simple one with many surprising textures and tastes.

At the bar, you may have a sip, either during the day or at night of the fabulous cocktails freshly made for you.

Why should you stay at Sapa Eco Bungalows ?

If you stay in Sapa Eco Bungalows, for sure you will enjoy fabulous moments among the beautiful mountains of Vietnam.  The simple lifestyle over there, avoid any discomfort from a massive tourist area.  

You will enjoy many wonderful panoramas, all you could seek for a rejuvenating and detoxing break on your trip. You will not get bored as many activities are available around, according to your preferences in the moment.

We understand that communication is key; this is why a long time before your arrival, during your stay, and after your departure, you may rest assure of our entire availability to answer any question.  

Last but not least, our devoted staff will gladly share with you about themselves in their daily life and others traditions of their original ethnicity and others around.


Sapa Eco Bungalows provides an accommodation service following the traditional mountain’s lifestyle. Sure, we give our guests high-comfort stay conditions. However, some things might be out of reach due to our location. Hence, we might encounter power shortages. In these cases, we use candles and solar lamps; which could be less effective for the enlightenment. This may lead (momentarily) to hot water’s shortage too. Please, be assured that our staff will always go beyond to solve any issues within no time.

At last, our location will lead you to meet free-range animals and insects. We understand that it may bother some people; and this is why we want to be as truthful as we can.

But our staff will do everything to make your stay at Sapa Eco Bungalows a beautiful and unforgettable memory!