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Some activities to do in Sapa

There are numerous activities that you can do all year-long. Just make sure that during the cold season, you bring some warm clothes; temperatures tend to go low in the early morning and evening. We would like to remind that you will be in the mountain environment so temperatures will...
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Ta Van valley

There are so many little places to visit in Sapa. We advise you to pick a few of them to be able to enjoy them to the fullest. And Ta Van’s village is among one of these places that you shouldn’t miss while traveling. Ta Van’s village location Ta Van...
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Bac Ha Market presentation

It is the most famous market in the mountains of Vietnam. It only takes place on Sundays at 6 am in the morning, until 3 pm in the afternoon. There is a wide variety of stalls. The clothes are different from one stall to another, as well as the dialects...
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Cat Cat village presentation

Are you tired from the intense city life and look for a bubble to breath and find your energy back? Do not look too far and go to one of Sapa’s treasure: Cat Cat village. This village has preserved an important part of its traditions. This will assure you an...
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O Quy Ho chain – Trip to Sapa

O Quy Ho chain – Trip to Sapa Visitors that really had an experience in Vietnam are those who adventure themselves in some remote places, with some difficult access. Sometimes it is very dangerous, and obviously we do not advocate for people to go by themselves and without preparation. And...
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Train from Hanoi to Lao Cai

Train from Hanoi to Lao Cai This railway is the most used across Vietnam. The story behind this line dates back from the French Indochina after the vacation station in Sapa was built to welcome French people. They tend to fly away from the tropical heat during the year. The...
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