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Where is Sapa Eco Bungalows ?

In the middle of the Muong Hoa valley, lays the beautiful and eco-friendly Sapa Eco Bungalows. Over there, you will experience, a timeless Vietnam. You can then focus on getting back to what matters the most, the essential things in your existence: yourself, majestic sceneries that surround you. You can also appreciate how simple people live and think in ethnic minorities. Rice terraces, thoroughly cared after by H’Mong people, is a true testimony of how important traditions and their transmission is a key in Vietnam’s culture.  

How did Sapa Eco Bungalows arise?

Mr Dat wanted to provide accommodations with high-comfort standards that didn’t exist around this laidback village of Ta Van. Through a personal acquaintance, he was able to invest in the land and build this peaceful haven.

For its guests, Mr Dat wants to offer an exquisite stay, deep in the Mường Hoa valley. You will be all the more satisfied to have locals around you and these beautiful rice terraces on mountains.

Sapa Eco Bungalows fosters the importance of a respectful tourism both environmentally and humanly speaking. We strive for sustainable practices and thinking regarding the environment and social issues around us. It is all about equality and preservation in the long-run.

We absolutely believe in how important it is for local people to take part in your experience. And in return, you will give back far more than you think to them by staying with us and simply enjoying your time. When you stay at Eco Sapa Bungalows, you provide them more comfortable living conditions as we engage into donations and other solidarity actions, in addition to providing employment.

How do you access Sapa Eco Bungalows ?

There is a 1-hour ride by bus or car from the Lao Cai train station.  You then arrive into Sapa city center. We advise you to wait for your private transfer or hail a taxi in front of the old Sapa church, near the square. It is easy to do the pick-up. From there, you will be able to ride through the bumpy roads and arrive at Ta Van within the Mường Hoa valley. The distance from Sapa to Ta Van is 8kms, but the road condition makes it more adventurous. As you get distracted by all the natural wonders on your way, you eventually discover our haven, near a little path: Sapa Eco Bungalows.  


You simply need to go out and explore by yourself the rice terraces and paths around. This is the best way to meet locals, like the H’Mong. There are so many ethnicities that live in the North-Western mountains.

For a few-hours to even several days, you can totally adapt your treks duration. It is the best way to get to some really remote areas. Your travel has a lot more intimist atmosphere with all this captivating and natural energy around.

Traditional markets are important in the Vietnamese daily life. You get to try tasty local food, but also observe interactions between ethnic minorities at these times of the day. No need to plan for that, just get informed at the reception about markets times and places.

Among the beautiful sites around the Muong Hoa valley, you should take some time at the Silver waterfall. All the united little cascades make this site even more impressive, with all the lush plants and the mountains in the background. Nature in Vietnam soothes with this easy-going atmosphere and do not miss a chance to remind to Humanity its powerfulness through all these magnificent landscapes.  

Otherwise, if you enjoy to stay in Sapa Eco Bungalows, it would be a pleasure to share with you some traditional recipes. Indeed, we can teach you in private cooking classes to master well-known Vietnamese dishes.