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18 Apr

O Quy Ho chain – Trip to Sapa

O Quy Ho chain – Trip to Sapa

Visitors that really had an experience in Vietnam are those who adventure themselves in some remote places, with some difficult access. Sometimes it is very dangerous, and obviously we do not advocate for people to go by themselves and without preparation. And even sometimes, the preparation is just not sufficient enough according to some obstacles or situations.

Transport to O Quy Ho chain

O Quy Ho is as well-known as the Hoang Lien Son chain, which is sure very beautiful but full of obstacles on the way. The trek to get there is quite hard. Located along the 4D road, you need to head 20 kms towards Lai Chau. That is why your usual pace can get slower, as the path is very irregular.

At the origins of the O Quy Ho chain’s name

According to the people living near O Quy Ho, this name is in reference to a bird that makes crying sounds. The legend says that in ancient times, a man called O Quy Ho worked as a woodcutter. He accidentally fell madly in love with a fairy that appeared to him, on an Autumn day while working.

As they were about to open up to one another, the Gods above opposed to this union. This is why, as a memory for her lost lover, the fairy who turned into a fly shouted out loud his name 3 times: O Quy Ho.

This name has since been related to a beautiful yet painful love story.

Nowadays, this chain is covered most of the time with clouds. This is why it is also nicknamed as the “clouds pass”.

O Quy Ho in details

O Quy Ho became the favorite play ground spot for the young people. At the bottom lays the Silver waterfall. This is one of the most appreciated places when travelers go to Sapa; the Silver waterfall being on the top 10 most magnificent waterfalls in Lao Cai.

Before you get to the O Quy Ho chain, you will cross over Hoang Lien Son National Park’s gate, and Tram Ton Ranger Station with amazing views around the road.

Local and international travelers enjoy a lot to visit O Quy Ho. This chain has quickly become a real inspiration for famous artists such as Nguyen Tuan, Xuan Dieu, Xuan Quynh, Ma Van Khang. They depict the beauty of the place with their own sensitiveness through their pencil or brush.

Vietnam’s most dangerous road

Before, O Quy Ho wasn’t really pathed, it was then even more dangerous. A few people dared to wander over there. Firstly, because it was such a long way.  Firstly, it was such a long way. And eventually, the haunted story of the mountain chain spooked everyone.

Of course, this last story is part of a legend. But with time, this road became more and more easy to access. So more people tend to come. Nonetheless, it is still the most dangerous road all over Vietnam: up high with ravine on one side.

If you are brave enough to go there, you will see all the “danger” signals along the way. When you go over there, you have to be sure to get a top shaped car. You need to get a complete maintenance service, even get the breaks controlled and replaced if the car has been used for a long time.   

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