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18 Apr

Good eating and relaxing spots in Sapa

Good eating and relaxing spots in Sapa

For sure, it might be a little rough to abruptly go straight in the very local food, as the delicious dishes cooked in markets can disturb easily your stomach. You then need a slow immersion in the Vietnamese local food by going first in restaurants.  It will make you try new flavors, textures and scents. And as your trip goes by, you will be surprised by the new kind of foods you will want to try, out of your ordinary diet.

  • Hill Station Signature Restaurant

This restaurant is nested at the top of the highest mountain in Vietnam, the Fansipan mount. This restaurant will blow your mind with its unique and wide scenery.

Its interior design immediately catches your attention, with the serene feeling as soon as you step in.  You will have the choice of sitting to normal tables and chairs. Or, you can share your meal in the pure Vietnamese style: lower tables and lower cushions entirely sewed by H’mong people.

Among the most appreciated meals on the menu are, the lime-seared pork meat or their traditional black-pudding from Black H’Mong.

  • Nature view

This restaurant stands out by being open 24h/24. Anyone can find what they like: whether keep on the local food journey or have a cheat meal with a more western dish. The must-try dish are lemongrass and basilic-sauté salmon, and the yoghurt sauté chicken.

  • Sapa O’Chau café

You should try their ginger tea with a tea spoon of their delicious local honey. It is the proper place to organize your itineraries for treks. This place has an educational purpose as well as a supportive one towards the H’Mong community in Sapa. Sapa O’Chau a non-lucrative association that wants invest in educating and employing young people from the H’mong ethnicity. There are also a few rooms available for any traveler

  • Sapa cuisine restaurant

There is a relatively wide range of food in their menus. The most appreciated dishes are the lemongrass-fried tofu and the pumpkin soup. It is a seasonal menu and the ingredients from meat to vegetables are from nearby farms.

  • The Gecko

If you have been around Vietnam for a long time, you may crave for western food. The Gecko is owned by a French. You will surely like the beautiful view while sipping their signature beverage called « nama chocolate ».

  • Viet Emotion Restaurant

Sometimes it rains. And it would catch you in the middle of your peaceful walks. The Viet Emotion Restaurant is the best place to have a break and find a cozy shelter for a few hours. Near the fire place, you can eat western foods (pizzas, pastas or steaks). According to your preferences, you can also find Vietnamese beverages like flower tea or medicinal infusions of plants and lemongrass.

  • Little Sapa

With the altitude, temperatures tend to become very cold, from November to February.  This is why we recommend you to try the savory mushrooms and tomato soup. The garlic sauce is always displayed on tables and seasons perfectly the food. Be careful for generous hands though!

  • A Quynh – Nhà hàng Khám Phá Việt

A favorite spot for locals, that serves only local dishes from Vietnam’s North-West part. You find the famous Thang co soup made with horse meat, its viscera, pork meat or buffalo. Other special dishes like the bamboo rice, smoked meat or fish and horse fondue are also to be found there.  

  • Red Dao House Restaurant

This restaurant is nestled into a traditional Dao’s house. You will taste several dishes from the remote mountain areas. Among these are the bamboo rice and salmon fondue.

  • Sapa Lotus

In this restaurant there are dishes that mix western and Vietnamese cuisine. The concept totally matches the traditional Vietnamese eating-style as many dishes are brought to the table and the people share them together, whether they know each other or not.

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